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How does your home make you feel? Are you surrounded by things that bring you joy or piles that accuse you of jobs not done? It’s surprisingly easy to fall out of love with our homes and it rarely has just one cause.

I’m Catherine, and I love to work with people to find the joy in their homes. This isn’t a decluttering, minimal lifestyle or a ‘Make-over styling’ program. It’s simply working with you to help you identify and create Your Home, Your Way.

What can you expect?

Every home journey starts with a 30 minute, free, friendly chat about your home and what you would like to achieve. If you decide you’d like to try out ‘Love your Home’, we work out a plan together. We can start with anything from a 2 hour session to whole days, working at your pace.

Each person’s needs are unique and are often a blend of the different services I provide.

Some people are looking for advice and others would like more practical help. I can provide decorating schemes with suggestions of how to reuse your current furniture or upcycle items. Every element is focused on finding ways for you to love your home, within your budget.

Practical support

  • Making your furniture layout work for the way you live
  • Showcasing what you love, to bring you joy!
  • Creative ideas for adding your personality into your home
  • Organising, tidying and clearing to give you space to breathe

Room Schemes

  • Starting with the items you love and want to keep; planning colours and finishes
  • Using decorating tricks to help rooms look wider/ taller etc.
  • Utilising lighting elements to bring warmth and atmosphere


  • Making the most of the items you already have by painting, covering or decorating them

I work at your pace, with gentle encouragement to support you achieving change. The aim is to create spaces that bring you joy and meet your needs for the way you live.

Bring on the joy!


“Catherine is very easy to talk to and is able to ‘see the woods for the trees’ and gently challenge the fear of ‘getting it wrong’ – there is no wrong choice. It’s your home.

Her very practical nature, imagination and positivity gave me reassurance. Questions like ‘what is important to you, what do you want to be able to do in your lounge’ and ‘what do you value and want to share with others’ helped me move ahead.”

Hilary, January 2024

“I couldn’t quite put my hand on what wasn’t working – Catherine helped verbalize the feeling ‘My home was telling me off.’ What is truly special and quite unique about Catherine is that she really is intentional about steering you in the direction of what you truly like…the extra nice touches, the good to have. Those ideas that feel like a luxury and a dream become something that I could create touches of within my budget.

For me, I got the courage to be intentional about what I liked and wanted – not just what I needed. That is what makes Catherine so special and unique, you feel like she’s got your back and that you are not alone…and you will get the transformation right for you.

The pleasure of enjoying the feeling of transformation after a ‘mammoth’ clear out which was done so, so sensitively…If you are in two minds, just go ahead. You won’t regret it.

Catherine, I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Nike, January 2024

“‘Catherine is exceptionally good at making you see the use of the things you’ve already have, but you don’t know what to do with it!’

Gabriella, July 2023

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