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Top 20 Home Tours of All Time: #5 A Charming Bohemian Home in West Palm Beach, FL

by Grace Bonney

I can’t believe we’ve made it to the Top 5 Home Tours of All Time. After 15 years of posting and hundreds upon hundreds of home tours, these are the tours that connected with all of you in such a strong way. Today’s tour, a beautiful bohemian home in Florida, stood out because of its incredible collection of textiles, house plants, and patterns. This home is an excellent example of the bohemian modern style that has held strong in the design community for years now. For me, this home tour will always be remembered for the peaceful photo of a sleeping cat, curled up in the sun among a colorful collection of pillows and a stunning wall hanging. Oh, to be as relaxed and comfortable as that cat all day. xo, Grace

#5: A Charming Bohemian Home in West Palm Beach, FL

  • Who Lives There: Carley and Jonathan Summers
  • WhereWest Palm Beach, FL
  • DS debut: November 2015

Photography by Carley Summers



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