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The Most Popular DIY Project of All Time: Tiny Doors!

by Grace Bonney

Throughout our 15 years at Design*Sponge, I’ve seen our projects (and their reception) run the gamut. From super-practical up-cycling ideas that look simple and unfussy, to much more challenging and detailed projects that create a mega high-end look, our projects have a little bit of something for everyone. And then there are projects like this one: our #1 spot on the countdown. I lovingly refer to these types of projects as D-I-Y-not? projects. Because they are all about fun and not about needing to be 100% practical or purposeful. The goal is to spend a little bit of time making something handmade, whimsical, and sure to make you smile. So here we are, our most popular project of all time are these DIY Tiny Doors!

Tiny door (and tiny house) projects have seen a huge resurgence in the past few years, but anything miniature seems to be popular all the time. So these fun little door DIYs that Kate Benbow made for us are perfect for fun around the house, any time you feel like making one. As we close this chapter of our DIY archives, I’m thrilled to end on a note that reminds us how fun and cheerful DIY can be. It doesn’t always have to be practical or hard — sometimes DIY can be a quick little how-to that makes you smile every time you walk by. And on that note, happy crafting! xo, Grace

#1: DIY Tiny Doors!

Who Made it: Kate Benbow

When It Originally Published: October 2012



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  • The cutest fairy doors ever! An utterly charming addition to bring a magical touch to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Love this idea! Milly x

  • I don’t think I’ll ever do a tiny door diy project, I think my family would declare me insane if I would haha. But it does absolutely intrigue me what people come up with and the results. U can’t deny that it looks very cute and fun. Especially next do a big chair or big drawing.

  • Oh my God it look so tiny and lovely. Really love the results that Kate made. I can never do a tiny diy project, my eyes are just can’t stand it.

  • I’m a huge fan of DIY project. I really like this project. This tiny door is awesome and looking very nice. I also read another post on your blog and I really enjoy that post.

    Thanks for sharing.