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Most Popular Life + Business Post of All Time: Simple Tips For Success by Adam J. Kurtz

by Grace Bonney

Working with Adam J. Kurtz (aka Adam JK) has been one of the highlights of my 15 years here at Design*Sponge. He has the uncanny ability to take terrifying and overwhelming life and work subjects like fear, failure, competition and imposter syndrome and talk about them in a way that is both honest and funny. Adding humor to any topic makes it easier to connect with and learn from — and when you can combine all that with notes written by hand (which always make me feel more connected to the author), you’ve got the perfect formula for covering the sorts of topics we covered in our Life & Business (formerly known as Biz Ladies) column. It was a true joy to see Adam’s column come to life at Design*Sponge and it was an even bigger joy to see it turned into a book, Things Are What You Make of Them.

Today I’m excited to say that one of Adam’s posts took the #1 spot on the all-time countdown of most popular Life & Business posts. And I’m even more excited that this post is about success. Adam has built his business in such a homegrown, DIY, community-centered way, and his take on success is something I find incredibly easy to connect with and understand. It isn’t about venture funding or huge offices or giant financial risks — it’s about figuring out how to do what you enjoy and do it in a way that sets you up to do your best. Plain and simple. Whether you’re reading this for the first time or re-reading this with me today four years after its original publishing date, I hope you’ll enjoy Adam’s wise words, especially these: “How are you? You the person, not the brand. You OK? Give yourself some time to just be.” That’s important advice always and forever. Thank you, Adam, you brought (and still bring) so much joy and honesty to our community. xo, Grace

#1: Simple Tips For Success by Adam J. Kurtz

  • Who Wrote This: Adam J. Kurtz
  • When Did it Run: March 2015


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