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Lauren’s Spare Room Makeover: The Reveal!

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Author’s Note: We’re excited to bring you this post with Behr, who kindly sponsored this project! All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help us bring you free and original content like this daily.

When my husband, Austin, and I moved into our house, we started on several projects right away. Within the first 2 months of living here, 6 of our rooms were majorly overhauled. The spare room was given a quick coat of paint to hide the electric blue but it was our dump room where miscellaneous furniture, objects and files ended up. As we continued to work on the rest of the house, we tried our best to avoid the spare room. With a new baby, both of us working from home and the other, more prominent areas of the house all needing our attention, the large bedroom was ignored.

Once we started thinking of the room as more than just a catch-all or a place for guests, I started imagining how pretty it could be with some TLC. I began to realize how much we’d been missing out. For now it will be my office space/guest room and in the future it will be a kids’ room.

Behr Marquee® Paint  was definitely the most transformative element in the space. It went from streaky walls and dingy trim to a space that feels brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

I wanted to try new ideas out in this room—like colorful trim and a painterly design—and I love the result. I had so many beautiful color choices to choose from within the Behr Marquee Paint line. While my final color palette is still fairly neutral, it’s definitely not boring. The Creamy Mushroom trim, ceiling and brushstroke pattern have a playful feel without being too much.

I do love that the closet is bold and pretty in Breezeway. It adds a quirky fun-factor that makes me smile when I open the closet door.

Because the paint made the space feel easy to transform from office to kids’ space, I was inspired to find furniture that could do the same—the drawers I use for file storage now will be used as dressers later and the daybed is actually stacked twin beds that can create a king size bed for guests or two twin beds for kids.

One of the finishing touches to the space was a wooden picture frame I had thrifted a few months ago that was collecting dust in the basement. I gave it new life and a new purpose with Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint in Cockleshell.

It’s pretty incredible what paint can do. It feels like our house just grew 200 square feet — 200 very inspiring square feet. —Lauren

This is the last post in a series of 5 where I’ve shared my color selection process from the Behr line-up of colors and my room’s new design along with the final palette chosen. I hope you’ve enjoyed following us on our painting journey. We’re grateful for our sponsor, Behr, for funding this series and makeover. Thank you for supporting our sponsor who helps us bring you free and original content like this every weekday. You can see Post 1 of this series here, Post 2 here, Post 3 here and Post 4 here.


All Paint from Behr
All Supplies from The Home Depot
Rug from Article
Day bed from IKEA
Frames from Art to Frames
Patterned Chair from CB2
Circular Table from AllModern
Dressers from IKEA


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  • I agree the pop of color in the closet is delightful. I like the over the door storage and the storage unit in the closet. The bed that converts from twin to king size, I would appreciate learning where these three items could be found. Your finished room is efficient and inviting. I appreciate your non symmetrical design it is eye catching. Thank you for sharing your personal space.

    • Hi Reva!

      The over the door storage I picked up at Target while the inside closet storage is actually sold as a shoe organizer from Ikea but I keep file boxes in it. The stacking beds are also from Ikea.

      Appreciate all the kind words!

      • Thank you Lauren for taking time from your busy schedule to answer my question. I truly enjoyed following your spare room make over. I think it would be fun to spend a day or two at an Ikea store. Guess I’ll just spend fun time searching the store on the internet. Hugs and smiles, Reva

    • Thanks Dylan!

      The beds are from Ikea and the light fixture is from West Elm.

  • This is beautiful, Lauren! The way you have decorated it really complements the walls. That framed glass with the photos attached that doesn’t cover up the paint design is really clever. I may have to try something like that. Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s so kind, thank you! I picked up the frame at a thrift store and it was one of the simplest DIY’s I’ve ever done. Would love to see if you end up doing one too!

  • Wonderful redo! It’s so pretty and sublime. May I ask where you bought the two end tables/dressers? Thanks,

    • Thank you Valerie! They are from the kid’s section at Ikea. I love them because the top drawer is deep enough for files but in the future they can be used as dressers. They are really robust — more so than other things I’ve gotten from Ikea. I like that.

  • Beautiful! My favorite part is the simple pattern you painted on the walls; I think I could do that, too. It looks great

  • What a bright, fresh space. Love the ceiling and closet colors. Where’d you find that practical daybed?!

  • Day bed/two twin beds/a king for guests? All in one thing?! Brilliant! I love it when a room serves a whole bunch of purposes. Well done.